Frequently asked questions:

Who are Personal Chefs for?

People who love to entertain and don’t want the hassle of cooking, serving and clearing up.

• Busy professionals and families on the go

• Anyone who just wants meals from different parts of the world, without having to go to a restaurant

• Anyone who wants to learn or improve their cooking skills

How long will I be at your home?

This really depends on whether you want everything prepared and cooked in your kitchen or some of the pre-preparations done in my kitchen. If all the pre-preparations and cooking are done in your kitchen, then it is more than likely that all of the different dishes will be cooked from scratch.

In most cases this can take several hours but I will be happy to make my stay fits around your schedule.

Do I have to be at home?

Yes. For your and my protection I do not work in customers home unless the customer is there.

What should I do to prepare for your arrival?

Please have a clean kitchen and empty sink with substantial space in your fridge & freezer as well as a working space for myself. It is important that your oven,cooker and fridge is in good working order!

Can I provide the ingredients myself?

I will provide a detailed shopping list, and I do prefer (at no extra charges for my time spent shopping) that I source the ingredients. I may be able to get them at a better price and save you the time. If you wish you can do the shopping yourself.

What if I have guests with particular tastes or medical conditions?

I take this aspect very seriously as the wellbeing of my customers is the highest priority. One of the things that I will be asking you to do prior to our consultation meeting will be to ask your guests if there are any specific requirements I need to take into consideration; i.e. allergies to particular substances such as nuts etc. Knowing this at the outset means that I do not allow any such ingredients to come into contact with others and also to ensure that all preparations are carried out in the correct environment.

Do you provide crockery, cutlery, glasses and linen?

Yes I can provide full tablewares and linen at an extra cost. However, it will be cheaper to use all of your own serving dishes, plates, glasses etc.

How much does the service cost?

All ingredients are at cost price to you with all receipts provided. I believe in quality ingredients and having the ingredients at cost price to you means you don’t have to cut any corners. My Chef Service will be negotiated with you in advance, in line with a realistic budget.

How and when do I make the payments?

Once we have agreed on the exact package, I will require you to pay 10% of the total by bank transfer at least on the day of booking (this amount is non-refundable if you change your mind after 7 days from the date of the booking). The remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to the date booked.

Can I change how many people come to my dinner party?

Yes. it would be most helpful if you could let me know at least 24 hours in advance so I can top up on ingredients.

What happens if I need to cancel or change the date of my event?

My cancellation policy is:

  • Cancel within 7 days of booking – you 10% deposit is returned in full.
  • Cancel after 7 days of booking and within 7 days of booked date 50% of the total value of the booked services will be refunded.
  • Cancel, less than 7 days but more than 3 days in advance of the original date booked 25% of the total value of the booked services will be refunded. Thereafter, I cannot offer a refund as other business opportunities may be compromised.
  • Change of date or venue within 7 days of the booked date may incur extra charges.

Are there any particular services you do not provide?

Yes. I do not provide or handle alcohol or non-HALAL Meats.