"Taste food like you've never tasted before"

After being made redundant from a lengthy employment and unable to secure suitable employment, in February 2014 I embarked on a revolutionary venture of self-employment. As I had many decades of experience of cooking, decided to setup Newham’s first Pop-up-Restaurant which is based around giving local residents an opportunity to savour high quality of world cuisine without having to travel to the centre of London.

It may seem an unlikely place to spark a food revolution but Newham has one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse community in London. In the evenings, whether you are walking down your local street or through the town centres, you can smell the fantastic aromas of home cooking and if you linger long enough you can taste the air that is teaming with herbs and spices from every corner of the world.

In my pop up events, I am recreating as well as fusing together flavours from this diversity for my clients to savour